for my moon, my brother levi 

even the sea waits for the moon documents a time when my light had slipped away - there was great loss and too many goodbyes - these moments allowed me to feel human again, connected and yet distant from everything - gaps in time my mind collected, guiding me closer to my moon. . . I found him by the sea       



inevitable onward movement : brooklyn, new york city

"there are distinct people, places and occurrences that break, define and awaken us"


all the things i tried to change : bovina, new york

"we drove to the mountains - the loud explosions on that 4th of july brought me comfort - calming and provoking my restlessness"


you will always thirst : nicaragua, grand canyon, merida

"a lingering thirst for a time that was - a blind search for a connection to what remained - an endless truth in what would be"


time had a pulse : macario gomez, mexico                                                                                                          

"the sound of their laughter captured me - piñatas, bare feet and small hands overflowing with candy - it took me back to a familiar childhood - i saw levi in their expressions - in their closeness to one another"


between the tides |  sian ka’an, mexico

"one year later, that day by the water, i realized he wasn’t gone - eventually we all change form - as the sun set, the crescent light began making it’s mark on the sea - i looked up at my moon and without words we spoke"

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